Cielo advances digital infrastructure. We identify and negotiate sites ready for data center development. Our site selection process includes comprehensive understanding of power flows and fiber access across the U.S.

Our team fully vets sites for accessibility to resilient power supply, fiber infrastructure, water supply, local labor and transportation.

Most importantly, we understand our partners’ needs and speed to market requirements.

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Cielo uses a tailored methodology for origination, screening, and risk assessment, beginning with sophisticated power flow mapping to promote informed site selection for low cost, long term and reliable power supply.

We analyze sites for energy access and resilience as our primary search criteria, focusing on locations with robust connectivity and edge candidacy. We consider factors such as labor, water, community engagement and logistics when identifying sites. We seek to identify locations with existing

capacity and to reduce the need for transmission upgrades to solve for resilient system characteristics and provide time to market advantages by compressing interconnection time. This approach allows Cielo to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to our customers.

Our Approach & Process

Map power capacity and fiber access

Locations with robust connectivity and edge candidates

In depth community analysis, including labor, water and logistics

Speed to operations and redundancy of power

Peace of mind site selection

Site Priorities

Power First

Power First

Reliable access to electricity is one of the most critical services we provide. Our team specializes in identifying future power infrastructure to increase speed to market.

Fiber Up

Fiber Up

High quality data centers require smooth connection with minimal downtime. Our team is well versed in the evaluation of fiber optic networks, robust connectivity and labor to service projects.

Select Sites

Select Sites

We are focused on identifying opportunities to get ahead of the curve and source land ideal for future data centers. We maintain a proprietary database of site options including current power supply availability and related constraints.